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Atlantic Marine's full line of printed SELOC Repair Manuals complete with maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, specifications, parts listings, and complete "How To" instructions SELOC Repair Manuals for Boats, Inboard, Outboard Marine Engines. Free Shipping on SELOC Marine Repair Manuals

SELOC Marine Engine Repair Manuals for Outboard Engines, Stern Drives & Personal Watercraft

Atlantic Marine Supply offers free shipping on all SELOC Marine Engine Repair Manuals (U.S. orders only) Our SELOC Repair Manuals are in stock and ready to ship, same day. SELOC MARINE TUNE-UP and REPAIR MANUALS are marine tune-up manuals, certified by the marine (boat) engine manufacturersas accurate and complete. Seloc uses easy to understand step-by-step illustrated procedures for the complete dismantling, repair, and assembling of marine powerplants.

The illustrations are mainly photographs taken during the actual work. Each numbered step procedure is accompanied by the same numbered photograph or illustration making Seloc manuals easy to follow. Seloc Marine Engine Repair Manual chapters are divided into complete areas of work such as Electrical, Ignition, Fuel, etc. making it much easier to find the procedure for the job to be performed. Seloc Repair Manuals are not only the smart choice, they are the only choice in complete and updated marine engine repair manuals.
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Atlantic Marine Supply has the boat manuals you have to keep your outboard marine engine, stern drive or inboard engine kept up. We are approved merchants of SELOC boat engine manuals, Seloc marine workshop manuals and we stock numerous OEM boat engine maintenance and repair manuals. Search our index to discover the boat engine repair manual you need. SELOC Manuals include:

Chrysler Outboard Repair Manuals by Seloc 1962-1984
Johnson Evinrude Repair Manuals by Seloc 1958-2014
Force Outboard Manuals by Seloc 1984-1999
Manuals for Honda Outboards by Seloc 1978-2014
JJohnson Evinrude Repair Manuals by Seloc 1958-2014
Mariner Outboard Service & Repair Manuals by Seloc 1977-2004
Mercury Outboard Manuals by Seloc 1965-2014
Nissan Tohatsu Outboard Repair Manuals by Seloc 1992-2015
Suzuki Outboard Repair Manuals by Seloc 1988-2014
 Nissan Tohatsu Outboard Repair Manuals by Seloc 1992-2015
Yamaha Outboard Manuals by Seloc 1984-2014
Inboard & Sterndrive Engine Manuals
Mercruiser Service & Repair Manuals by Seloc 1964-2015
OMC Manuals by Seloc 1964-1998
Volvo Penta Repair Manuals by Seloc 1968-2012

Seloc 1973-1991 Johnson-Evinrude 60-235 HP, 3, 4, 6 Chamber Boat Engine Repair Manuals give your up to date, technical data in an organized manual with upkeep details for 1973-1991 Johnson/Evinrude 60-235 Strength, 3, 4 and 6 barrel, two-stroke boat engines including Plane Drives. Incorporates 416 outlined pages. This Johnson-Evinrude detachable engine manual depends on a real teardown of the gear. It gives finish inclusion on everything from fundamental support to engine update, including easy to-pursue, well ordered, represented methodology, many detonated illustrations, photos and tables, an investigating segment and precise particulars and wiring charts. This Clymer Evinrude-Johnson 2-300hp 1991 1992 1993 1994 Detachable Fix Manual gives nitty gritty administration data, well ordered fix guidance and upkeep determinations for 1991-1994 Evinrude-Johnson 2-300hp detachable boat engines including Plane Drives and Ocean Drives, 2.0 HP, 2.3 HP, 3.3 HP, 3 HP, 4 HP, 4 Select, 6 HP, 8 HP, 9.9 HP, 15 HP, 20 HP, 25 HP, 28 HP, 30 HP, 35 HP, 40 HP, 48 HP, 50 HP, 60 HP, 70 HP, 65 HP, 80 HP, 85 HP, 88 HP, 90 HP, 100 HP, 115 HP, 120 HP, 140 HP, 150 HP (90° V6), 175 HP (90° V6), 150 HP (60° V6), 175 HP (60° V6), 200 HP, 225 HP, 250 HP, 300 HP, 1.6 Ocean Drive, 2.0 Ocean Drive, 3.0 Ocean Drive, and 4.0 Ocean Drive engines. Gives general data about each model, instruments and strategies, investigating and testing, oil, upkeep and tune-up, engine synchronization and linkage modifications, fuel framework, electrical and start frameworks, control head, oil infusion framework, programmed rewind starter, Ocean and Stream drives and finish wiring outlines. Highlights 776 outlined pages. SELOC Marine Engine Manuals Manual association, Notes, alerts and admonitions, Torque details, Engine activity, Latches, Ointments, Gasket sealant, Galvanic consumption, Insurance from galvanic erosion, Propellers SELOC Repair Manuals– FREE Shipping Wellbeing first, Essential hand instruments, Test gear, Administration insights, Extraordinary tips, Technician's tips. Working prerequisites, Beginning framework, air conditioning (rotating ebb and flow) lighting curl, Battery charging framework, Start framework, Breaker-point start testing (1-chamber models), Capacitor release start (CDI) investigating, CD2U (under flywheel) start investigating, Capacitor release start framework investigating (1991-on 3 and 4 hp models), CD2 start framework investigating (1993-on 6-30 hp models), CD2 start investigating (1992-on 35 Fly, 40 and 50 hp [except 48 hp] outfitted with 12 amp charging framework), CD3 start investigating (3-barrel models), CD4 start framework investigating, CD4 start framework investigating (V4 circle charge models– 120 and 140 hp; 2.0 Ocean Drive), CD6 start framework investigating (1991-on V6 circle charge models– 200 and 225 hp; 3.0 Ocean Drive), CD6 OIS start framework investigating (60º, 150 and 175 hp models), CD8 start framework investigating (1991-on V8 circle charged models– 250 and 300 hp; 4.0 Ocean Drive models), Key and unbiased begin switch, Fuel framework, Engine temperature and overheating, Engine Oil, Stockpiling, Finish submersion, Anticorrosion support, Engine flushing, Tune-up MARINE MAINTENANCE MANUAL - SELOC Engine timing and synchronization, Required hardware, 3 and 4 (2-barrel models), 4 Luxurious, 6 and 8 hp (2-chamber models)/1991 and 1992 9.9 and 15 hp (2-barrel models), 1993-on 9.9 and 15 hp (2-chamber models)/20, 25, 28 and 30 hp (2-chamber models), 35 stream, 40, 48 and 50 hp (2-barrel models), 1991 and 1992 60 and 70 hp (3-chamber models), 1993-on 60 and 70 hp (3-barrel outfitted with tiller handle), 1993-on 60 and 70 hp (3-barrel furnished with remote controls)/65 fly, 80 Fly, 1.6 Ocean Drive and 85-115 hp (90º V4 cross stream models)/2.0 Ocean Drive, 120 and 140 hp (90º V4 circle charge models)/1991 101 Fly, 150 and 175 hp (90º V6 cross stream models), 1992-on 105 Fly, 1991-on 150 and 175 hp (60º V6 models)/3.0 Ocean Drive, 1991 and 1992 200 and 225 hp (90º V6 circle charged models)/1993-on 200 and 225 hp (90º V6 circle charged models); 4.0 Ocean Drive, 250 a 300 hp (90º V8 circle charged models) Fuel siphon, Carburetor, Carburetor (2, 2.3 and 3.3 hp), Carburetor 3 and 4 hp; 4 Choice, Carburetor (6-20 hp models), TR and SV carburetor (25-70 hp models), Top feed carburetor (V4 and V6 cross stream models)/Minlon carburetors (V4 and V6 circle charged models)/Electric fuel groundwork siphon (V8 models), Manual fuel preliminary, Electric fuel groundwork solenoid, Fuel module and vapor separator (60º V6 models), Fuel line and preliminary globule MARINE ENGINE ELECTRICAL Battery, Battery charging framework, Electric beginning framework, Starter engine, Unbiased begin switch, Start framework, Magneto breaker point start framework benefit, CD2U start, Cd start, Cd start (all aside from CD2U, 3 and 4 hp and 60º V6 models), Optical start framework (60º V6 models) BOAT ENGINE POWER HEAD Engine sequential number, Latches and torque, Gaskets and sealants, Flywheel, Power head, Leaf valves, Indoor regulator MARINE ENGINE GEARCASE Administration insurances, Propeller, Water siphon, Gearcase, Pinion adapt profundity (40-70 hp, V4 , V6 and V8 models) BOAT POWER TRIM AND TILT Contact trim, Trim/tilt engine testing, Power trim/tilt gathering evacuation/establishment (40-50 hp), Customary power trim and tilt framework, Trim/tilt engine testing, Power trim/tilt framework expulsion/establishment (ordinary trim/tilt)/Fastrak control trim/tilt framework, Trim/tilt engine testing MARINE ENGINE OIL Infusion Frameworks Accumix oil infusion, OMC variable proportion oiling (VRO) framework BOAT ENGINE STARTERS Rewind starter (2.0, 2.3 and 3.3 hp)/Rewind starter (3 and 4 [except 4 Deluxe] hp)/Rewind starter (4 Exclusive models)/Rewind starter (6 and 8 ho; 1993-on 9.9 and 15 hp), Rewind starter (1991-92 9.9 and 15 hp)/Rewind starter (20-30 hp), Rewind starter (40 hp) MARINE ENGINE OCEAN DRIVES Selectrim (1.6 Ocean Drive), Selectrim/tilt (2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 Ocean Drives) Upkeep, Water siphon, Fly drive, Bearing lodging, Admission lodging liner. Need to winterize your boat? A couple of proportions of safeguard upkeep will spare you a great deal of cash come springtime. This is what you should search for if this is your first winter with your boat. This is the one situation where arrive is superior to water for your boat. Wintering on the water can cause development on the body, harm from absence of slack in ropes, and ice harm to the frame in extremely cool districts. The perfect stockpiling arrangement is a trailer in a naturally controlled storeroom, yet that costs a considerable amount more, and isn't a possibility for a few. In the event that you need to store your boat outside, yet the suitable cover. This will counteract flotsam and jetsam heaping up inside, and furthermore anticipate water collecting in pools, at that point solidifying and causing harm as it extends. For the engine, on the last keep running of the season, run some fuel stabilizer through the engine. This will help forestall stopped up lines, as untreated gas corrupts over long winters. Toward the finish of the last day, refill the tank totally, and include more stabilizer. Replace the oil if your boat will be warm and comfortable inside, or simply deplete whenever put away outside. While you are grinding away, deplete everything else as well, as even a modest measure of water will frame ice and cause issues. Best wager is to be dry, yet greased up. Draw the start attachments and shower hazing oil into the chambers as the engine turns. While you are grinding away, oil everything else. Any metal part that moves, or is a control surface, hit is with the suggested oil. If all else fails in a period crunch, toss some 10w-30 at it. Oxygen is destructive, and rust is coming on the off chance that you leave metal presented to the components. Preferred to degrease in Spring over supplant. Inside, take out everything superfluous. Expel any gathered waste, and draw the pads for cleaning. Regardless of whether they are spotless, take them, as shape and buildup love pads. Turn everything off, from the lights, and fridge, to the gas and central pipe. Prop the ice chest open, and run some clean and into it and the can. Ventilate however much as could reasonably be expected, without permitting precipitation inside. On the off chance that you are truly worried about buildup, run a modest electric fan on a clock from an indoor/open air additional rope. Moving the air around will help keep away from a smelly smell. Another option is dampness retaining parcels put away in a few areas all through the lodge. Detach the batteries and bring them inside. Marine batteries are costly, so put them on a stream charger on the off chance that you can. If not, store them in a warmed domain, and off the floor. Presently is a decent time to demonstrate your trailer some adoration as well. Oil the direction, fill the tires, and deal with any rust before it escapes hand. As usual, counsel your proprietor's manual for suggested benefit interims, oils, parts, and so forth. Additionally, your marina of decision may have suggestions, and is an extraordinary place to get guidance. Spring implies boating season, yet before you take off onto the water, ensure you and your boat are prepared. A tad of work presently will help keep a slowed down boat sitting futile amidst the water. With insignificant work, you can be prepared for angling, cruising, or simply getting a charge out of the water. For one thing, check to ensure your battery is in strong working condition. In a perfect world, you ought to have experienced winter prep, however on the off chance that you didn't, and your battery is dead, it's typically a simple fix. Expel the battery to energize, first observing any erosion, or if the water level is low. Tidy up consumption, and include refined water as required, and stream charge your battery medium-term. Examine your boat for any harm that could have occurred, or wind up perceptible, over the winter. Much like a vehicle, check for marks, splits, and spilling liquids. Check your fuel channel and water separator, and deplete the water if necessary. Check the oil to ensure it is at the best possible dimension. Change it in the event that you didn't toward the finish of last season. Same with the start fittings and air channels. Hit all uncovered metal parts with your most loved water-dispersal liquid. Check every liquid line and electric associations, ensuring they are for the most part tight. Include some crisp appropriate octane fuel (ideally without ethanol), and you should be good to go. It's a smart thought to check the lights on the trailer as well, as you would prefer not to get pulled over for absence of brake lights before getting to the water. Give all your wellbeing gear a quick overview to ensure it is all there, and whole. Talking about wellbeing, there were 560 boating fatalities in 2013, a large portion of which could have been averted. The National Maritime and Environmental Organization and the National Safe Boating Board have banded together to make and advance Safe Boating Week, May 16 – 22. NOAA reminds you to check with the National Climate Administration and have working interchanges hardware before taking off, and NSBC needs to ensure you have the correct wellbeing rigging, and boat capably. "What resembles an ideal day for boating can rapidly wind up perilous in the event that you wind up in the water," Don't boat while drinking alcohol.